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Welcome to  www.koanan.us

Koanan is a wholly owned subsidiary universal gate . the company offer a most cost effective way of meeting the printing needs of numerous customers in over 70 countries. The koanan product line includes over 1,000 products developed by a dedicated team of 300 engineers and technicians.

The koanan product range includes:


Koanan  is committed to environmental protection that can contribute to 'sustainable development' of the earth and mankind. We have developed a Green Policy aimed at meeting customer satisfaction while also contributing to sustainable development. It is achieved by developing, producing and providing a high level of product quality and environmental quality in products and services.

We were a pioneer in the printer consumables industry in implementing green and product safety management standards through the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We have a dedicated team with expertise and resources to support our customers and to ensure that our products comply with product safety regulations.

We achieved our reputation as a cost-effective and high-quality manufacturer.

Our Research and Development department ensures our presence at the forefront of new product development.

All our products   has 100%  compatibility  and enables us to give customers a 100% product guarantee.

With this quality focused infrastructure, we at  koanan.com  are confident that our customers are receiving the highest quality compatible and remanufactured inkjets and toners.




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